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Aluminium : Dura-Clad
Dura-Clad: Cladding Sheets:

Dura-Clad® panel is made from Aluminium Alloy AA3003 H24 temper, which is widely used, in marine and industrial applications. Its is superior in flatness and non-combustible DIN Standard.

Dura-Clad® is manufactured from state of art coil-coating system using PVF2/PVDF (Kynar 500/ Hylar 5000 resin) paint. It comes in 2 coats for solid colour or 3 coats for metallic finish. Dura-Clad® is highly consistent in colour stability , gloss retention, resistance to UV-A, UV-B & UV-C radiation and remains very beautiful for a very long time.

Material Specifications:

Thickness(mm) 1.850 2.050 2.350 2.550
Panel Weight (kg/m²) 5.014 5.555 6.368 6.911
Aluminium Alloy Type BS 3103 H24
Mechanical Properties Tensile Strength 140-180 N/mm²
Finish Kynar 500/Hylar 5000 PVDF Coating on front side. Top surface to be protected by Polythene sheets.
Sheets Size

Width : 1220mm
Length : Upon Request (Customized Request )

Colour RAL references or made to request

The compositions of Dura-Clad® panels are as below :

Si Fe Cu Mn Mg Zn Ti Others Al
0.50 0.70 0.10 0.90-1.50 0.30 0.20 0.10 0.15 Remainder

Standards For Fire Requirement

Dura-Clad® with PVF2/PVDF Fluorocarbon coatings have been tested and approved by SIRIM for :-

  Certification No
BS476 Part 6 : Fire Propagation for Products 2001FE0006
BS476 Part 7 : Surface Spread of Flame Test for Materials 2001FE0001

Dura-Clad® Panels COMPLY with the Fire Requirements for Materials specified Under the Malaysia Uniform Building By-Laws (UBBL) 1984.

* Index I indicates fire propagation index is 0.8
* Class One indicates surface of surface spread of Flame.

Coil Coating Process

Coating on a high speed technologically advanced paint-line. Surface pre-treatment by Chromating, cover layers, primer and stoving of paint at temperatures between 249°C to 254°C. Wet film thickness 59-67 microns ensures excellent durability and excellent Surface finishes for exterior applications.

Paint Coating Specifications

Coating Thickness 20 / 5 ( 2 coats Top Surface )
Impact Resistance > 120 in lb
T-bent ASTMD4145 - 1T
Salt Spray ECCA-T8 - 500 hours Corrosion, blisters and loss of adhesion less than 3.00mm from the scribe
Flexibility ECCA-T6 > 6.00mm
Solvent Rub Test Pass 100 double rubs with MEK
Pencil hardness ECCA-T4 F-2H
QUV-B Exposure ECCA-T10 - 2000 hours Loss of gloss < 10%
ASTMD 2244 Average colour change not more than 2 CIELab units
ECCA-T14 / ASTMD 4214 Chalking not in excess of numerical 7
Non-Combustibility DIN 4102 - A2
Waste Cases DIN 4102 Part 1 - safe


Formulated to contain minimum amount of 70% Polyvinylidene Fluoride polymer which leads to excellent product performance for external application via high speed paint line for colour consistency of Pre-painted coils. Resin system – Fluorocarbon / acrylin Solvent system – Ester / Ketones.

- External Façade Claddings for New Building & Refurbishments
- Covered Walkways, Canopies, Shelters, Gutters
- Flashings, Column Cover - Sun Shades
- Ceilings Square Tiles, Ineternal Panels
- High Quality Roofing Systems
- Signages, Sign Boards, Road Sign, Bill Boards etc.
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