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Electro Galvanised :
Electro Galvanised EG Steel
Electro-Galvanized steel coils and sheet are coated with zinc by the electrolytic galvanizing process.This allow for both side coating,one side coating and differential coating.They are given chromate or phosphate treatment to improve corrosion resistance or paintability.


All Electro - Galvanized are subject to standard packing or at customer's request to prevent possible damages during handling, storage and transportation. The Electro - Galvanized coils are packaged generally withuot the wooden skids to facilitate efficient loading. The Electro - Galvanized sheets are generally made up in two and a half tons unit. Wooden skids are placed on the bottom of the package is banded with steel bands.
Features of EG:

Good Corrosion Resistance
To enhance the anti-corrosion property, Electro-Galvanized steel is chemically treated or oiled to protect the zinc coating from white rust.Rust is positively retarded even when the base metal is exposed to the atmosphere during fabrication.
Anti-Finger Print (AFP)
The AFP film can be touched by fingers without print left on its surface and has been approved by several laboratory tests.
Good Formability
The strong bonding AFP film with self-contained lubricant agent is very good in formability without zinc dust loosening during pressing and slitting process.
Good Weldability
The AFP film is easy to apply spot or seam welding as with plain steel sheets.
Excellent Paint Adhesion
Electro-Galvanized steel is free from spangles and pinholes.Surfaces are teated with phosphate or chromate to assure improved paint adhesion as well as a smooth and pleasant finish.The AFP film is compatible with most regular paint which may appliedin the coating process.
Good Resistance to Cleaning Agent
Whenever it is necessary to clean surface of the Electro-Galvanized coil with AFP coating some cleaners (PH 9.5 -10.0) such as Aliphatic & halogened solvents are recommended.Low alkalinity cleaners are also suitable.
Variety of Products
Electro-Galvanized steel is available with bothside, one side or defferential coating,as well as chromatic,phosphatic or oiling treated by application.

Surface Treatment:

Use One Side Coating Both Side Coating
For general use
For corrosion resistance use
Chromate passivation
Chromate passivation
Chromate passivation with oiled
For paint and drawing use
Phosphate with chromate passivation
Phosphate with oiled
Phosphate with chromate passivation
Phosphate with oiled
For anti-finger printing use
Chromate with AFP
Chromate with AFP


JIS G 3313
Electro-Galvanized Steel Sheet or Coil without Anti-Finger Print Coating
Electro-Galvanized Steel Sheet or Coil without Anti-Finger Print Coating


Electrical Appliances
Refrigerator,washing machine, drier.oil stove,heater, air conditioner,electronic oven,show case,automatic vending machine,etc.
Body,floor,fender,fuel tank,air cleaner,ect.
Furniture & Machinery
Desk, filing cabinet, locker, kitchen utensils, compartments, wardrobe,safe,door,shipbuilding,train, etc.
Elevators, ventilator - duct, various toys, containers, signboards, etc.
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