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Aluminium : Aluminium Extrusion
Aluminium Extrusion
Aluminium extrusions are supplied with a wide range of shapes and profiles to standard and custom-made designs. They arrange from simple bars of flat, round, rectangular Square and hexagonal to precision sections for various building and industrial application.


Alloys : AA1050, AA1100, AA6061, AA6063, AA6261, AA6351 and other special alloys upon request.
Finish : (i) Plain (mill) finish (standard)
(ii) Natural Anodised and other patented bronze and black colours are also available.


Tees are available in sizes ranging from 127.00mm(flange) x 12.70mm(depth) x 1.57mm(t) to 38.10mm (flange) x 38.10mm(depth) x 3.18mm(t).


Channels are available in wide range of sizes, from 7.37mm x 5.72mm x 1.40mm(t) to 127.00mm x 50.00mm x 6.35mm(t). Larger sizes of 140.00mm x 60.00mm x 7.00mm(t) to 160.00mm x 70.00mm x 7.00mm(t) are also available upon request.

There are two types of Angles, Equal Angles and Unequal Angles.


Equal Angles : Equal angles are supplied in wide range of sizes, from 9.52mm(b) x 1.19mm(t) to 101.60mm(b) x 9.52mm(t)
Unequal Angles : Unequal angles are supplied in sizes, from 19.00mm x 12.70mm x 1.20mm(t) to 100.00mm x 25.00mm x 1.50mm(t). Other sizes are also available to suit some architectural application

Standard Section :-

All sections are produced with Alloys AA6061, AA6261 or AA6351

Solid Bars:

Solid bars are available in round, square, rectangular and hexagonal shapes.

Round Bars : Round bars are produced in various diameters from 6.35mm to 44.45mm. Larger sizes of 50.80mm to 127.00mm can also be supplied upon request.
Rectangular Bars : Rectangular bars are supplied in sizes from 12.70mm x 1.57mm to 203.20mm x 6.00mm
Square Bars : Square bars are supplied in sizes of 7.95mm to 38.10mm. Larger sizes of 44.45mm to 63.50mm are also available upon request.
Hexagonal Bars : Hexagonal bars are supplied in sizes of 12.00mm to 27.00mm

Hollow Tubes:

Hollow tubes are available in round, rectangular and square hollows.

Round Tubes : Round tubes are supplied in wide range of size (diameter) and thicknesses from 8.50mm(d) x 0.80mm(t) to 127mm(d) x 4.75mm(t). Larger sizes from 140mm(d) x 5mm(t) to 168mm(d) x 7.65mm(t) are also available upon request.
Rectangular Tubes : The following sizes are available, from 19.05mm x 12.70mm x 1.00mm(t) to 140.00mm x 25.00mm x 2.00mm(t)
Square Tubes : The following sizes are available, from 12.70mm x 0.80mm(t) to 101.60mmx 3.18mm(t)
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