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Galvanised Iron :
Galvanised Coil and Sheet Steel

Galvanized sheet or coil is defined as a carbon steel sheet coated with zinc on both sides. Continuous hot dipping, or electro-galvanizing are the two processes used to produce galvanized sheet and coil.

A zinc coating is one of the most effective and economical methods of protecting bare steel from a corroding environment. The zinc not only serves as a barrier between the steel and the environment, it will sacrifice itself to protect the underlying steel sheet.

Sacrificial, or galvanic protection occurs when two dissimilar metals are in contact and coupled with water and oxygen. Zinc corrodes preferentially to the iron in steel. This protection prevents corrosion of the steel at areas not covered with zinc. Thus, the spread of corrosion from cut edges, drill holes, etc is minimized.

Galvanized Steel Coil with Regular Spangle finish and follow details:

Quality standard of galvanized steel coil JIS G3302 / 3312
Grade of galvanized steel coil SGCC / SGCH
Surface finish of galvanized steel coil Normal spangle, large spangle, small spangle, matt surface
Thickness of galvanized steel coil Of galvanized steel coil 0.18-3.00mm
Available Width of galvalume steel coil 914/1000/1219/1200/1250mm/1220mm special width can be available, for examples200 mm, 300 mm, 400 mm, 500mm, 600mm
Zinc coating weight 70-250G/M2 (both sides)
Coil weight of galvanized steel coil According to customer's requirements
Applications of galvanized steel coil Widely used for roofs, outer walls, ovens, explosive-proof steel, electrically controlled cabinets

Surface Finish:

Type Surface Finish
Regular Standard spangles with flower pattern, suited for general use
Zero More minimized spangles than regular, with a beautiful gloss, suited for general painting applications
Ultra Extremely minimized spangles suited for special painting applications
Alloy coated iron-zinc
Galvannealed steel sheet has a highly workable iron-zinc alloy layer. Good paint-adherence properties, corrosion resistance and weldability make them ideal for use in home electrical appliances and buildings


Galvanized Sheets are used extensively in various applications. Some of the common uses are: -
Agriculture Grain Silos, Sprayers, Ghamellas, Pans, Feeding Troughs, etc.
Automobile Cars, Busses, Truck Bodies, Undercarriage Work, Air & Oil Filters, Fuel & Oil Tanks, Exhaust Pipes
Construction Roofing, Side Walls, Partitions, Panels, Valley Gutters, Louvers, False Ceilings, Partition Walls and Ducks, Rolling Shutters, Highway Bumpers, Slotted Angles, Paint-Coated Products.
Domestic Trunks, ice Boxes, Household Machines, Tubs, Pails, Buckets, Storage Bins, Water Tanks, Washing Machines, Bathroom Doors, etc.
Electrical Appliances Air-conditioners, Coolers, Refrigerators. Freezers, Electrical Panels, Decorative Lamps
Furniture & Fixtures Desks, Lockers, Racks, Lightweight Chairs, Colour Coating, PVC Coating
Marking of Coils Ducting, Drums/Barrels, Containers, Thermal Cladding, Air-Conditioning Ducts, Railway Coaches and other Applications
Outdoor Sign-boards, Hoardings, Road Sings
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